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Bjarne Olov Däcker <>
Wed Feb 5 00:42:11 CET 2003


Could we not get some support from ITEA ?

Erlang (and OTP) should be one of
the most promising starting points
for developing IT technology.


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Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 2:51 PM
Subject: Erlang projects association


Two years ago, we made the website. Its mission was to
promote Erlang in France. We now realize that two things were wrong:
- We should not have limited this initiative to France.
- We did not pay enough attention to the fact that promoting Erlang is
currently a very difficult task without a proper understanding of the
real expectations of both the users and the developers.
For the latter, the recent activity on this mailing list seems to
indicate that we are not alone ;-)

That's why we have decided to create an association to pragmatically
work on those issues. The main goal of this association is to gather
users and developers, both individuals and companies to work on projects
that are needed to help us spread Erlang.

The first tasks will be to identify the major domains for which Erlang
should shine. We will then start dedicated workgroups that will have to
identify existing relevant projects and to help them go further.

We are aware that this quick announcement seems quite abstract at the
moment but hopefully it will soon get "real" :-)

Stay tuned ! ;-)

Thierry Mallard
Mickaël Rémond

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