non-telecom in erlang

Tue Feb 4 08:58:33 CET 2003

> What kind of information would be required.  I've got 
> permission from the CEO of Teba Bank (South Africa) to 
> disclose "relevant" information.  We would like to let the 
> Erlang community know about this - (we've been approached for 
> an adaptation for a gsm cellular billing system integration - 
> and would like to have input / advice on this as well in 
> order to futher the solutions possibilities.)

As I am currently considering adopting Erlang for a project, I would
be interested to know:

- what were you using before?
- why did you choose Erlang?
- how long did the team take to learn Erlang and become productive?
- how many members of the team had previous Erlang experience?
- a brief description of the system's architecture, and the parts of Erlang that were used or not used.
- what improvements did you observe compared to previous, non-Erlang, projects?
- are you glad you chose Erlang, will you continue with Erlang, and would you recommend Erlang to others?



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