Erlang projects association

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Mon Feb 3 18:04:51 CET 2003

Mickael Remond <mickael.remond@REDACTED> writes:

> That's why we have decided to create an association to pragmatically
> work on those issues. The main goal of this association is to gather
> users and developers, both individuals and companies to work on projects
> that are needed to help us spread Erlang.
> The first tasks will be to identify the major domains for which Erlang
> should shine. We will then start dedicated workgroups that will have to
> identify existing relevant projects and to help them go further.

For this to work I think you will have to do something radical. I say
this after seeing a zillion similar projects with the best of
intentions never generate any code -- I'm not aware of even one that's
actually worked. I can give you any number of references if you like,
where you can relive their fizzling-out through mailing list archives
:-). So not to say it's a bad idea, but it will have to be done
somehow different to all the others to have a chance IMHO.

On a personal note, by far the most important thing I've learned over
the past few years is to try not to talk about programs until I've
written them. Since I want to talk about them, I end up doing lots
more fun little hacks, instead of just talking about the ideas and
moving on.

If I ever learn not to talk about programs until I've written manuals
for them, I might just become a professional programmer. :-)

Luke-the-party-pooper :-)

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