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Daniel Dudley <>
Mon Feb 3 17:46:19 CET 2003

Are we to understand that this will now be an international


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Subject: Erlang projects association

> Hello,
> Two years ago, we made the website. Its mission was to
> promote Erlang in France. We now realize that two things were wrong:
> - We should not have limited this initiative to France.
> - We did not pay enough attention to the fact that promoting Erlang
> currently a very difficult task without a proper understanding of
> real expectations of both the users and the developers.
> For the latter, the recent activity on this mailing list seems to
> indicate that we are not alone ;-)
> That's why we have decided to create an association to pragmatically
> work on those issues. The main goal of this association is to gather
> users and developers, both individuals and companies to work on
> that are needed to help us spread Erlang.
> The first tasks will be to identify the major domains for which
> should shine. We will then start dedicated workgroups that will have
> identify existing relevant projects and to help them go further.
> We are aware that this quick announcement seems quite abstract at
> moment but hopefully it will soon get "real" :-)
> Stay tuned ! ;-)
> --
> Thierry Mallard
> Mickaël Rémond

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