Matthias Lang <>
Sat Feb 1 10:56:10 CET 2003


 > It was obvious to me that the the error message should mean
 > something, but that I needed a magic decoder ring.  
 > Is there such a thing?  

I know of three magic decoder rings.

Google: punching {error,sticky_directory} into google gives
        you four pages. Three of them answer the question.

	More generally, you can do wonders with a site-specific
	google search (include "site:www.erlang.org", either 
	manually or with a bit of HTML)

The manual index: if you look under 'sticky' you get to the right
        man page. You still need to search for 'sticky' within that
	page. http://www.erlang.org/doc/r9b/doc/index.html

The mailing list: it's a perfect question for the mailing list. ;-)

After some prodding, I've added an entry to the FAQ about sticky
directories. It'll appear on the WWW in a month or two.


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