Announce: Stand alone Erlang

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Wed Oct 30 16:16:31 CET 2002

  Things never get finished, they just get to the point where they are
sufficiently good to release.

  Stand-alone Erlang needs only a small number (5) files to run. It includes:

	ecc     (compiler)
	elink   (linker)
	esh     (interactive query shell)
	escript (scripting interface)
	ear     (archiver)

  Stand-alone Erlang is available from

  This  page links  to  the stand-alone  Erlang  kit, the  stand-alone
Erlang sources (an add-on to R9B0) and a number of examples.

  If you're running Linux the pre-compiled kit should work "out of the box"
If not you'll have to build SAE from the sources.

  Have fun


  Please  let me know  if you  have found  any bugs  or can  offer any

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