asn1rt_ber in OTP R9

Bertil Karlsson bertil.karlsson@REDACTED
Wed Oct 30 10:03:38 CET 2002

"Jozsef Berces (QCZ)" wrote:
> Hi,
> What happened to the module asn1rt_ber and asn1rt_ber_v1 in R9?

They are not needed any more, since the default option (ber) uses the
faster (ber_bin) run-time module and are generated according to ber_bin.
Though, the UI remains the same for ber. That is you will get the result
as a list from encoding and when decoding you will use a list as input.

> asn1_records.hrl still has a line:
> -define('RT_BER',"asn1rt_ber_v1").

forgot to remove that one.

/ Bertil Karlsson

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