erl -name XXX problem

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Fri Oct 25 12:36:11 CEST 2002

Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> writes:

>    If I do erl -name joe
>    My system bails out with a horrendous error message - the start of which is
> {error_logger,{{2002,10,25},{12,6,18}},
> 	'Can\'t set long node name!\nPlease check your configuration\n',[]}
>    What do I have to do to fix this??

Sure I should be waiting for the experts, but :-)

If you run "domainname" in the shell, does it print your domain? If
not, you can do e.g. "domainname" (as root) to set it.

If that diagnosis was right, I think the persistent fix is to put a
line like "domain" at the top of /etc/resolv.conf

(NB: 'erl -name joe' works on R9B on my machine)


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