Packages: old article disclaimer

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Now that you pointed this out, I have to be a little mean and notice that
there is no packages.html in the documentation (except for some Java
docs)... Not in the Windows install, nor in the separate docs.

Btw, about the new keywords 'try' and 'cond' - do they do anything useful,
or were only reserved for use in R10?

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> To anyone who has followed the link from the R9 release highlights
> to my article from January 2000 about packages in Erlang:
> Please note that the final implementation of packages differs
> quite a lot from what was suggested in that original article.
> The online documentation ('packages.html') describes the real
> implementation as it is in R9.
> (There is also a newer article from this year's Erlang workshop
> that describes the final implementation in more detail, but that
> is only available via the ACM digital library.)
> /Richard Carlsson
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