R8B make fails with RH's perl 5.8.0

Erik Pearson erikp@REDACTED
Thu Oct 3 22:55:44 CEST 2002

Just installed RetHat 8.0 on a new box.

On the first attempt(s), the perl script erts/emulator/utils/make_preload
kept on failing on the first file:

form size 1208 greater than size 1056 of module at utils/make_preload line
<FILE> chuck 1.

The problems stems from RH's perl 5.8.0 and its length() function, which
now returns a character-based length.  With

use byte;

The length function returns the correct 1216 for the length of $_ for the
length of lib/kernel/ebin/otp_ring0.beam.


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