Installation of Erlang with OpenSSL on Solaris

Leonid Timochouk L.A.Timochouk@REDACTED
Wed Oct 2 11:58:10 CEST 2002

Hello Daniesc,

Did you explicitly provide the parameter --with-ssl=/usr/local/ssl to
"configure"? (LD_LIBRARY_PATH alone is not enough). Is there the "include"
sub-directory with SSL header files, as well as the "lib" sub-directory
containing your shared libraries? In any case, you can check the
"erts/config.log" file to see exactly how the check for SSL failed, and
try to re-run this check manually (it compiles a simple program linked
with the SSL library), possibly in a more verbose mode, to see what is
going wrong.

Hope it will help,

Leonid Timochouk
University of Kent at Canterbury
United Kingdom

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