Fault-tolerance and distributed system

Hal Snyder <>
Fri Nov 29 20:44:13 CET 2002

"Paroli, Bernardo" <> writes:

> I'm new in the Erlang's world and I need make a fault-tolerance and
> distributed system. I'm learn the Design Principles document which
> very interesting, but I don't found any example about these systems.
> All examples that I found in the erlang page and the internet are
> very simple examples and they not include advanced subjects. I'm
> need examples of application behaviour and supervisor behaviour. Do
> you help me?

I got a lot of mileage out of Scott Lystig Fritchie's tutorial that
showed up on this list 2000-01-27, "The Guerrilla 10 Minute Erlang
Packaging School". (Thanks, Scott!)


Scott's example shows application but not supervision.

It also helps a lot to use the Emacs boilerplate when writing the
framework of app, supervisor, and behaviour sources, especially the
first few times.

Hope this helps.


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