Martin Bjorklund <>
Wed Nov 27 10:56:41 CET 2002

Klacke <> wrote:

> > But to get it all to shutdown, If I don't recall incorrectly,
> > you must set the permanence of the *applications* to permanent
> > too in order to make any EXIT-cause be considered illegal.
> > I think they are transient by default.
> But how do I do this one. 


Generally it depends on how you start your app.  If you start it by
calling application:start/1, you should call application:start/2
instead, with 'permanent' as the second argument.

If you start it from a .rel script, use the syntax:

    {App, Vsn, permanent}

So in your case, use:

start() ->
    application:start(yaws, permanent).


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