Cursor keys for *NIX

Hal Snyder <>
Tue Nov 26 20:11:41 CET 2002

Gordon Beaton <> writes:

> If Erlang used the readline library (at least on those platforms
> where it is supported) then everyone could use the command line
> editing keys they like best, and their settings would be consistent
> across all programs that use readline. Just an idea...

While linking in gnu readline has the appeal of a well known and very
useful feature set, I can think of some disadvantages:

1. C code, requiring interfacing with erts code.

2. Risk of segfaults from code maintained by outsiders. There go the 9
   9's of uptime.

3. Various version control/config management headaches.

Probably better for one of us outsiders with lots of free time to
contribute readline.erl. I should be able to get to it by 2008 or
so. :)

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