Cursor keys for *NIX

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Nov 26 19:57:37 CET 2002

Gordon Beaton writes:

 > If Erlang used the readline library (at least on those platforms where
 > it is supported) then everyone could use the command line editing keys
 > they like best, and their settings would be consistent across all
 > programs that use readline. Just an idea...

I don't think that's allowed:

   Readline is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU
   General Public License, version 2. This means that if you want to use
   Readline in a program that you release or distribute to anyone, the
   program must be free software and have a GPL-compatible license. 
The Erlang licence is, I think, based on the NPL, and the NPL is
explicitly listed as not GPL compatible.

Matthias (IANAL)

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