Commerical users?

Jouni Ryno <>
Tue Nov 26 13:09:18 CET 2002

On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 10:44, Matthias Lang wrote:
> Hakan Millroth writes:
>  > Does anyone have a list of companies using Erlang for product/service 
>  > development?

> There must be more still; surely the mailing list isn't populated
> entirely by enthusiasts.
> Matthias

You could add the Finnish Meteorological Institute, although our use is
rather small (but vital). Only 2 persons using it.

We use it in our magnetometer stations, simply to read and store data
from AD-converters. But as a bonus we get real time monitoring via the
gen_server :-)

Then we use it in space instrument ground support systems, 4-5 different
instruments. Rationale for using Erlang is in timing the telecommands
and buffering the telemetry before it's displayed/stored.

I think it's general management view, that on should use only one or two
languages in development, in order to be have skillful people to support
and backup development. On the other hand, in my opinion, any skillful
programmer should be able to grasp the concept of any language. So even
if I cannot say I really know Erlang, I'm can do much better
multiprosessing / threading in it, than in for example in C or Ada.
Well, OCCAM would be nice ...


Jouni Ryno <>
Finnish Meteorological Institute

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