Commerical users?

Matthias Lang <>
Tue Nov 26 09:44:25 CET 2002

Hakan Millroth writes:
 > Does anyone have a list of companies using Erlang for product/service 
 > development?

I'd like to put in a 'me too'. The FAQ currently lists only

  - Ericsson

  - Bluetail/Alteon/Nortel (I should probably split this or stop
    referring to Bluetail altogether. Clues from Bluetail appreciated.)

  - Telia

  - Eddie (Is this project still alive? Should I be calling it Lodbroker?)

  - T-Mobil[e]

  - Corelatus

as Erlang users with commercial intent. I wrote "if you want to be
listed here, mail me" under the list. Maybe that's not inviting
enough. The intent is to avoid pissing off people who, for one reason
or another, don't want to be listed.

Digging through conference presentations, I can come up with at least
another 10 (Lucent, Vail, Sendmail, Synapse, Cellpoint, Mobilearts,
Motivity, Creado, Snookles Music, Blue position) who appear to be
using it for products. So, can I add you to the list?

There must be more still; surely the mailing list isn't populated
entirely by enthusiasts.


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