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Matthias Lang <>
Mon Nov 25 17:14:23 CET 2002

Inswitch Solutions - Erlang Evaluation writes:

 > 1) Does anybody have a commercial good experience with Erlang? 

 > 2) Is it possible to obtain commercial email-support? If so, 
 >    does anybody know how much it costs?  

>From the FAQ (

    1.5. Who uses Erlang?
    The largest user of Erlang is (surprise!) Ericsson. Ericsson use it to
    write software used in telecommunications systems. Many (dozens)
    projects have used it, a particularly large one is the extremely
    scaleable AXD301 ATM switch. AXD301 has several hundred people working
    on it and the code volume has reached about 850 kloc of Erlang (and 1
    Mloc of C/C++).
    Some of the other companies using Erlang are Bluetail/Alteon/Nortel
    (distributed, fault tolerant email system, SSL accelerator), Telia (a
    telecomms operator), the Eddie robust webserver and T-Mobile
    (previously one2one) (advanced call control services) and Corelatus
    (SS7 signalling black box).
    1.6. Can I get commercial support for Erlang?
    Ericsson sells commercial Erlang support (tested binaries, help with
    porting, printed manuals, somewhere to turn to when a problem crops
    up, training courses, consulting). The support mail address for
    paid-up users is  Remember to put your
    licence ID in the subject line.

There are also quite a few consulting companies. They can provide more
direct support. Some of them are based in Sweden (e.g. Sjöland &
Thysellus, ENEA Data) and others take jobs and run courses worldwide

I have no direct experience with any of these---Corelatus uses Erlang
in a real product, but we haven't used consultants.


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