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Lennart Öhman <>
Mon Nov 25 17:10:16 CET 2002

Inswitch Solutions - Erlang Evaluation wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Earlang, trying to evaluate if Erlang is appropiate for building a
> fault tolerance commercial telecom prepaid platform, based on computer
> telephony modules, with a replicated or distributed database of about 500.000
> to 1 millon subscribers.
>  Now,

Welcome to Erlang! :-)

I believe Erlang is really a good choice for you. You list all the right
words, fault tolerant and distributed to mention two.

Ulf Wiger, chief architect of the Ericsson success ATM-switch AXD301
pointed out an article in the Ericsson internal newpaper "Contact" some
time a go here on the mailing list. You will find an english version
following this link:

AXD301 is part of the ENGINE concept and has a control processor programmed in
Erlang. Something like 1.5 million lines of Erlang code (Ulf, correct me if I'm

> 1) Does anybody have a commercial good experience with Erlang?

There are many people working for Ericsson, no longer working for Ericsson
and even working for Nortel who can testify to that they have acomplished
a lot of "good things" with extremely high quality on time with Erlang.
Including my self.

> 2) Is it possible to obtain commercial email-support? If so, does anybody know
> how much it costs?

You can purchase a commercial license from Ericsson. There are also a few,
my own, consultancy companies who has Erlang experts.

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> Thanks!!
> Regards,
> daniel
> Daniel Fernandez
> Inswitch Solutions

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