problems compiling H.323 ASN.1

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Fri Nov 22 20:56:42 CET 2002

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From: "Bertil Karlsson" <>
To: <>

> Sorry for beeing late with a responce on this. Constraints are
> implemented (most of them anyway). I didn't know this was a PER protocol
> at first. For PER the constraint is crucial in that it affects how the
> message is encoded/decoded. Two types of the same ASN.1 type with
> different constraints will result in different encodings.

Oops, yes you're right. I remember decoding the damn things by hand now. So
with that constraint it each character will be encoded into 4 bits?

<apology humbly proffered>

> The reason why the ASN.1 compiler fails in this case is unfortunately a
> bug, and it will be corrected in the next patch.

Excellent news. It is a huge asset to Erlang that it contains a BER/PER/DER
ASN.1 computer/runtime in the standard package.


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