SetOfFiles.set.asn syntax

Bertil Karlsson <>
Thu Nov 21 10:23:27 CET 2002

Vance Shipley wrote:
> The documentation for the asn1 compiler details a method for compiling
> a group of ASN.1 files together into one Erlang module.  The Opensource
> R9B-0 release seems to work a little differently.  You need to omit the
> double quotes in the configuration file.
>         If one wishes to compile a set of Asn1 modules into one
>         Erlang file with encode/decode functions one has to list
>         all involved files in a configuration file. This
>         configuration file must have a double extension ".set.asn",
>         (".asn" can alternatively be ".asn1" or ".py"). The input
>         files' names must be listed, within qoutation marks (""),
>         one at each row in the file. If the input files are
>         File1.asn, File2.asn and File3.asn the configuration file
>         shall look like:
>         "File1.asn"
>         "File2.asn"
>         "File3.asn"

Yes, you are right. Even the commercial release fails if you do as the
documentation says. It's an error and will be updated in the next
patch/release. You shall omit the quotation marks in the configuration
file, and then it works as it is supposed to do.

/ Bertil Karlsson

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