SetOfFiles.set.asn syntax

Vance Shipley <>
Thu Nov 21 04:00:28 CET 2002

The documentation for the asn1 compiler details a method for compiling
a group of ASN.1 files together into one Erlang module.  The Opensource
R9B-0 release seems to work a little differently.  You need to omit the
double quotes in the configuration file.

	If one wishes to compile a set of Asn1 modules into one
	Erlang file with encode/decode functions one has to list
	all involved files in a configuration file. This
	configuration file must have a double extension ".set.asn",
	(".asn" can alternatively be ".asn1" or ".py"). The input
	files' names must be listed, within qoutation marks (""),
	one at each row in the file. If the input files are
	File1.asn, File2.asn and File3.asn the configuration file
	shall look like:


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