missing banner on Solaris

Bjorn Gustavsson <>
Mon Nov 18 11:37:07 CET 2002

Vance Shipley <> writes:

> Kostis,
> Hmmm... I only built the shared heap version because I understood 
> it would only add an optional version of the emulator which I 
> could use if and when I was ready to play with it.   If there is
> no -noshared type of switch I guess I should rebuild it.
> Obviously there is some mismatch between what has been documented
> and also implemented in erlexec.c and what gets installed.  What
> is the long term intention?

The documentation refers to the commercial package.

We well probably fix this this mismatch in the next major release of Erlang/OTP.

If you build the shared heap version version first, install it, renames




then builds the standard version and installs it, it should
work according to the documentation.


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