missing banner on Solaris

Kostis Sagonas <>
Wed Nov 13 17:44:50 CET 2002

The shared vs. process-private heaps architectures are not really
command-line switchable options.  One builds an emulator with a
specific type of architecture and uses it afterwards.

If you want to have them both around, then configure and install
them both (in separate directories) and switch between them using
an alias or appropriate shell script
(which is I guess what the "erl -shared" was supposed to achieve,
 if it were not broken for some reason).

Currently, we (the HiPE team) are committed to support both
architectures (at least for a limited time).  Both can be handy
to have around, they have pros and cons, and the choice between
them might also depend on application characteristics.

As for long-term intentions, we are desperately waiting for input
(positive or negative) from the user community, and for programs
that perform significantly better or worse in one or the other
architecture, so that we can make a more informed decision on whether
support for both of them is needed in the long term, or whether one
of them is the "winner" and can be the default.  To me, it is not
clear which should be the default; currently, it is the private
heaps one.

In this respect, we strongly welcome any sort of "real-world"
concurrent program that we can use as a benchmark.  (See also
Jesper Wilhelmsson's message yesterday for sending us mnesia-based


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