Mac OS X crypto and ssl patch and workarounds

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Nov 12 22:39:59 CET 2002

OS X Users,

A little farther down the road to make OS X fully Erlang functional..


With some help from the apple unix-porting mailing list crypto now works.
Attached is a patch to crypto_drv.c which gets around a namespace problem
caused by the odd linking method (it does this by forcing a search of the
global namespace for the _MD5 etc functions - this is contrary to normal
driver practice and could lead to conflicts if those symbols appeared
elsewhere in the system). It also sorts out underscore naming issues.

The Makefile will also need the following two changes (I have it working but
don't have a patch for

* The last step in making an OS X shared lib must use gcc rather than ld -
this is required to ensure that _dyld_binding_stub is included. It is needed
for both .so targets

* The UNDEFS must all be prepended with underscore (as the apple compiler
has already put underscores into libcrypto.dylib) i.e.

	-u _CRYPTO_set_mem_functions \
	-u _MD5

With these changes (the patch and the Makefile changes) all seems OK.


ssl has some problems compiling with the default makefile (The one for the
final stage after make install which links ssl_base.o and esock_ssleay.o to
make ssl_esock). I've got it to compile and run successfully with the simple

gcc -o ssl_esock ssl_base.o esock_ssleay.o -lssl -lcrypto

(the -Wl,-R stuff doesn't work under OS X)



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