R9B inets and pipe issues

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Nov 12 22:18:58 CET 2002


A couple of troubles to report (with fixes :))

The first is probably a little embarrassing for the last person to hack
inets.. Receiving the first part of a POST content in the same packet as the
headers doesn't work. A bit of simple arithmetic provided the somewhat
depressing solution:

replace line 491 of httpd_request_handler.erl:

case httpd_socket:recv(SocketType, Socket, Len, Timeout) of


case httpd_socket:recv(SocketType, Socket, Len - length(BodyPart), Timeout)

Also a Mac OS X patch.

In OS X mknod() is only callable by root regrdless of the type of device.
This causes run_erl a problem creating a FIFO /tmp/erlang.pipe.1.

The fix for OS X is to change line 604 of run_erl.c from:

  if ((mknod(name, S_IFIFO | perm, 0) < 0) && (errno != EEXIST))
  if ((mkfifo(name, perm) < 0) && (errno != EEXIST))

I'm not quite sure why the mknod form is used anyway - mkfifo is certainly
available on Solaris.. But probably safest to #ifdef it.


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