Erlang is _the_ disruptive technology...

Marc Feeley <>
Tue Nov 12 22:01:29 CET 2002

> Documentation about Will Executors can be found at...

I would like to point out that "wills" first appeared in the Gambit-C
Scheme system over 5 years ago.  The basic idea is that you can create
an object called a will which contains a reference to an object X and
a function (the "executor").  When the GC sees that there are no
references to X except through the will, the executor is called with X
as an argument.  The executor can do any sort of finalization on X and
can even "resurect" it by simply storing it somewhere that is
accessible from the roots.  Aside from finalization, you can use wills
to implement other interesting things like hash tables, extensible
objects and pools.


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