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dvanhorn <>
Tue Nov 12 20:56:19 CET 2002

Quoting Scott Lystig Fritchie <>:
> The PLT (?) Scheme demo, as part of Matthew Flatt's presentation was
> impressive.  One features that caught my attention (darn it, my memory
> is playing tricks on me; I only watched it last night!) was called an
> "executioner".  It guarantees that cleanup tasks are done when a
> thread died.  They're in a hierarchy so that if your parent's
> executioner gets invoked, you know that your executioner will be
> invoked, too.

Documentation about Will Executors can be found at...

Flatt's paper on which his talk is based can be found at...

Programming Languages as Operating Systems (or, Revenge of the Son of the Lisp


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