Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Sean Hinde <>
Wed Nov 6 14:48:13 CET 2002


> What about SMPP 3.0, CAP II (Computer Access Protocol Number 
> 2) and GIP? Are
> they used for the same thing?  --- dialog between SMSC (Short 
> Message Service
> Centre) and ESME (External Short Message Entities) ---.

GIP is much the same as SMPP - it was invented by a guy who works here. It
would be quite cool to have an open implementation of SMPP and also the CMG
version called EMI.

> Besides this dialog with the SMSC, some operations like 
> checking the balance of
> prepaid customers, charging the service to the customer's 
> telephone bill or
> possible service restrictions must be accomplished in order 
> to implement a
> full operating version of almost any service,  is all of this 
> handled  through
> the SS7 stack?

No, there's no need to go near c7 if all you want to do is send and receive
SMSs via an exsisting SMSC. Making this sort of service is quite easy - we
have several such SMS related services including Welcome SMS and a
distribution lists service
( live in our
Network using GIP.
> e operations on a lab?  I've seen something about OMAP (Operators,
> Maintenance and Administration Part of SS7)  is there where I 
> need to get into
> SS7?

No, Don't worry about that stuff.

Hope this is enough to at least point you in the right direction


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