Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Per Bergqvist <>
Sat Nov 2 19:27:35 CET 2002

I have used it in several commercial all Erlang products both inside  
outside Ericsson.                                                     
One very good example is all that each iMode transaction is Europe is 
exercising both Erlang and the former /// stack.                      
We still use it in our current product offerings.                     
On the downside it is now clear that /// is not selling to external   
parties any more. Tieto Enator enator has taken over all external     
(Great value and trust in that name, not to mention the conflicts of  
interest ... ;-)                                                      
> Matthias Lang writes:                                               
>  > Ericsson have a complete stack written in C. They even bundle it 
>  > hardware and sell it externally, or at least they did a while    
>  > back.                                                            
>  >                                                                  
>  >                                  
> Has anyone else used these products in Erlang applications ?        
> I would be interested in discussing implementation strategies.      
> (We ended up reimplementing parts of their message-passing API      
>  in Erlang with the bit syntax.)                                    
> -- Pascal                                                           
Per Bergqvist                                                         
Synapse Systems AB                                                    
Phone: +46 709 686 685                                                

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