Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Matthias Lang <>
Sat Nov 2 10:08:13 CET 2002

I took the liberty of trimming the CC list a little.
 mml> In any case, as far as I know, nobody has implemented a complete #7
 mml> stack (e.g. everything up to GSM-MAP) in Erlang. 

    Valentin>  So, let's team-up! I must say this, though: it makes
    Valentin> more sense to appraoch things rather differently,
    Valentin> starting at the say, MAP-User level, and than move
    Valentin> downwards towards MAP-Provider, and, eventually
    Valentin> TCAP. Things are getting little out of hand once you hit
    Valentin> SCCP, because I think this whole project might succseed
    Valentin> only if we keep focus, and whilst TCAP migh be bad
    Valentin> enough, SCCP will definately kill the effort.

People generally start from the bottom layers because you can't run
the top layers until you have the lower ones running. 

    Valentin>  In addition, it might make more sense to do the actual
    Valentin> development in C/C++ and keep things ERLANG-centric,
    Valentin> rather than dot eh whole thing in ERLANG -- as much as I
    Valentin> appreciate ASN.1 and BER support in ERLANG, I do not
    Valentin> thing that the manipulation of the binary data is
    Valentin> ERLANG's major strength. To this end, C++ is still much
    Valentin> better choice.

People in this forum are likely to have some degree of resistance to
the last suggestion.

Take a look at

he's done quite a bit of work, quite a few bits are 90% complete.


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