Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Valentin <>
Sat Nov 2 09:15:13 CET 2002

> >
> > There was an effort at the Ericsson computer science laboratory to
> > implement #7 in Erlang. I believe MTP-3, TCAP and SCCP were all "90%
> > finished". The other 90% of the work was never completed, the main
> > protagonists were sidetracked, first by inventing the binary syntax
> > and then by the .com bubble.
This is sooo typical -- spending time where it doesn't make a material
difference. I've recently  purchased a few SS7 cards + software and noticed
that higher in stack you go, more money you have to spend. I cannot think of
a better platfrom to implement an application context  other than ERLANG.

> > In any case, as far as I know, nobody has implemented a complete #7
> > stack (e.g. everything up to GSM-MAP) in Erlang. It seems like quite a
> > do-able project, albeit rather daunting for just one person.

So, let's team-up! I must say this, though: it makes more sense to appraoch
things ratehr differently, starting at the say, MAP-User level, and than
move downwards towards MAP-Provider, and, eventually TCAP. Things are
getting little out of hand once you hit SCCP, because I think this whole
project might succseed only if we keep focus, and whilst TCAP migh be bad
enough, SCCP will definately kill the effort.
In addition, it might make more sense to do the actual development in C/C++
and keep things ERLANG-centric, rather than dot eh whole thing in ERLANG --
as much as I appreciate ASN.1 and BER support in ERLANG, I do not thing that
the manipulation of the binary data is ERLANG's major strength. To this end,
C++ is still much better choice.

Should I keep my hoes high???

Valentin Micic
Principal Consultant
Pharos Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa

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