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Peter H|gfeldt <>
Thu May 30 20:56:06 CEST 2002

Having a self-signed certificate at level zero is considered an error
in the OTP SSL application. That is rather silly (I did it), for then
you could not use SSL as a top CA, for instance. I will record it as
a bug to the fixed for R9. 

I attach the following certificate files so you can easily continue
testing.  The certificates are not self-signed and are used in the OTP SSL
test suites. They do work with verify = 0 (the client does not even need

	file			use for option
	----			--------------
	ssl_server.pem		certfile
	ssl_client.pem		certfile

I also attach a set of certificate and key files for true verifying.   

	file			use for option
	----			--------------
	allcacert.pem 		cacertfile
	servcert.pem		certfile
	servkey.pem		keyfile
	clntcert.pem		certfile
	clntkey.pem		keyfile	

Note however that the option `cacertfile' does not work due to a bug in
SSLeay (maybe it works in OpenSSL), so you have to set the OS environment
variable SSL_CERT_FILE to "<path>/allcacert.pem". This sad fact is 
documented in the release notes. 

For R9 I will abandon SSLeay for OpenSSL, and try to sort out the


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On Thu, 30 May 2002, Sean Hinde wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm have a bit of trouble getting ssl:connect/3 to work. I don't have a
> officially CA'd set of certificates but I've tried with self generated ones,
> the ones included with openssl, the ones included with inets, and the ones
> included with yaws..
> I get as far as failing with {error, eselfsignedcert}. Connecting with
> Netscape is fine - I agree to accept the certificate offered and I'm in -
> ssl:connect/3 appears to offer the {verify,N} option which should allow me
> to replicate this sort of behaviour but regardless of what I set this to, I
> always get thrown out.
> Has anyone managed to get this to work? Any useful hints are most welcome.
> Thanks,
> Sean
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