Erlounge report

matthias@REDACTED matthias@REDACTED
Sun May 12 12:49:48 CEST 2002

 > How was erlang_beer?

Pretty cool. I'd been out in the sun for a bit of the afternoon, so I
was already feeling decently happy after the first Lundgren's
Lager. At that point Lars the beer Expert from the local microbrewery
shooed the 15 or 20 of us down into the beer tasting cellar and we were
encouraged to critically judge different beers. The great thing about
beer tasting, unlike wine tasting, is that you're not expected to spit
it out again.

After 10 minutes of trying, I've realised that producing an accurate
list of who was there is futile. Bjarne Däcker (lab boss at the lab
where it all started) was definitely there, about half of the original
Bluetail was definitely not there and I now know what eleberg@REDACTED
looks like.

Anyhow, thanks to Per Bergqvist and Patrik Winroth for their organisational
efforts and to and Vindaloo AB for picking up the beer tab.


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