Erlang echo server with eLite?

Piotr Daruk <>
Tue Jul 30 16:35:41 CEST 2002


    I'm still looking for a BAG in my programmes. Did anyone find something?


My previous e-mail:

>    Since my lecturer of Functional Programming might not have an Erlang
>runtime, I'm desperate to make it working on Linux shell as I've got to >show
>Him that my project works. Yesterday I have modified my echo server >and now
>it starts the epmd daemon by it self. On this moment starting erlang runtime
>by erl will do. After that, on the one Linux console echo must be started
>(echo:start(0).), on the other console start erl and then run client
>(client:main(["5","5","square"]). I think it should work. Yet, on Linux
>shell it stops. The ./echo proces stops on "os:cmd(Epmd ++ " -daemon"),"
>command and ./client 5 square stops on "erl_distributin:start(),".
>  Please find the attachment (to my previous e-mail!) and try it. Sorry, I'm >being so annoying, yet it is very important for my.
>  Thank you all very much!!

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