"A Parallel and Multithreaded ERLANG Implementation" - status?

Jani Launonen <>
Sat Jul 27 14:32:44 CEST 2002


in his master's thesis (
http://www.erlang.se/publications/xjobb/0089-hedqvist.pdf ), Pekka Hedqvist
studied how to implement Erlang emulator suitable for multiprocessors
mapping Erlang processes to OS threads. While very interesting idea and
worthy implementing (from my point of view, at least), I haven't seen
lately anything suggesting that such implementation would take place in
near future. Although clusters are quite hot topic nowadays (blades and
such), I think SMP-machines hardly are going to be fewer in near future -
even for U1 form factor rack machines are provided with dual processors.
Multiple core CPUs are going to be the norm, so running two Erlang
emulators inside one physical chip seems to be bad idea as they would have
to communicate through TCP/IP stack or pipe instead of sharing data
(messages) through local (L1/L2 cache) memory without communicating through

So if anybody has information, if there are any efforts put towards
implementing such multithreaded emulator, please share some information
about status.

Jani Launonen
Student. . . . . . . . . .University of Oulu, Dept. of EE
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