Erlang echo server with eLite?

Piotr Daruk <>
Thu Jul 25 10:29:19 CEST 2002


    Despite the fact I'm working for Panasonic Poland, I'm also a student of Warsaw University of Computer Science Dept. I'm now to write a program using functional language. I have chosen Erlang and decided to write an echo server. Yet, I would like to compile that to executable files either server and client. I'm using Linux Mandreak 8.1 and eLite 2.0 that contains a compiler. The problem is that the error occurs when I'm trying to do "Srv ! {self(), Msg}". I mean it compiles but doesn't work! I have already got know that there is difference when I'm writing for eLite. For example I must do erlang:halt(). insted of halt(). What should I do? 
    Also, dose "Srv ! {self(), Msg}" messaging work as pipe in Linux? Can I communicate to another process from other terminal on the same machine?

    I'm waiting for any help! Thanx!!!!!

Best regards.
Piotr Daruk

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