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Eric Merritt <>
Wed Jul 24 16:49:28 CEST 2002


> The app file is supposed to be in the ebin
> directory, as the search 
> paths in the code server (retrievable through
> code:get_path()) are used 
> to locate it.
> Chis must have done a typo, as in his paths example,
> he has in fact 
> written ebin.. Some projects have in the past put
> their app files in 
> their src directories, but it creates problems with
> the sys tools, you 
> have to add the src directories in your search
> paths, and are all in all 
> limited in your actions...  If you want to tread in
> gray areas, there 
> are much more fun things you can do.

Now I am a bit confused. If the *.app file is supposed
to be in the ebin directory then why doesn't
systools:make_script("appname") find it when I run it?
Even if it is in the ebin should I provide a path
(perhaps that is what I am not doing). My original
problem was that the make_script function couldn't
find the *.app file in ebin (though thats where its
at). I kept getting a file not found error which was a
bit frustrating.

Thanks for your input,

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