make_script info

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Jul 24 16:01:56 CEST 2002

>Just out or curiosity, if that is the case why does
>the documentation suggest that it should go into the
>ebin directory? 
The app file is supposed to be in the ebin directory, as the search 
paths in the code server (retrievable through code:get_path()) are used 
to locate it.

Chis must have done a typo, as in his paths example, he has in fact 
written ebin.. Some projects have in the past put their app files in 
their src directories, but it creates problems with the sys tools, you 
have to add the src directories in your search paths, and are all in all 
limited in your actions...  If you want to tread in gray areas, there 
are much more fun things you can do.


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