Erlang killer app?,

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Jul 23 11:23:10 CEST 2002

> I think we also need:
> - A page templating system. I made preliminary tests of an Erlang Page
> templating system based on ZPT (Zope) and I think it fits 
> well to Erlang. It
> seems to be a good choice.

I agree. This is one of the main things holding us back from deploying in
directly customer facing environments (Along with the absense of a finished
performant web server itself)

> Some one mentionned Paul Graham text. A described the 
> importance of dynamic
> server environments for ASP application hosting and development.
> I think for monthes that the market is looking for a good 
> plat-form to develop
> robust, reliable, efficient application servers that can be 
> the basis of
> critical applications running 24/7.
> Then Sun proposed the J2EE application server technology. People are
> disappointed because this technology does not fullfill its promise.

It truly does not. It is painful, it takes large teams month to create small
apps which are painfully slow. Some vendors are even trying to move J2EE
into the domain of core GSM Network Intelligent Network applications - the
heartland of telecoms 24x7 land - it really is a joke.

Currently there is even a problem with new Sun servers that they will not
run the Sun JVM for more than a day without causing a SIGSEGV. It has taken
Sun weeks to recognise the problem and there is still no fix..

Having said that there is no way we'd wean even the internal folks off their
J2EE - even having demonstrated that 1 guy in a month can replace the work
of 10 contractors for a year.



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