MacOS X Build

Sean Hinde <>
Mon Jul 22 11:52:26 CEST 2002


R8B-1 builds out of the box (after following the instrucions in the README).

The main catch is that you MUST use the gnutar command (no other tar will
do) but of course that note is in the README which you can't read until it
is untarred!

I have thought some about how to make a binary build for OS X. I haven't
quite come up with a way to resolve the perpetual OS X conflict between:

a) Just making an installer .pkg from a built system and leaving the user to
start up Terminal and type erl

b) Trying to make a nice OS X native application which can be dragged onto
the desktop, makes a nice shell window when double clicked, and carries all
the baggage around with it.

I started work on a Cocoa Erlang shell application somewhat along the lines
of a cross between the windows version and "Winfiol", but I ran into the
problem that the Windows Shell seems to have lots of extra support built
into the erlang runtime itself.. and just using stdin/out became problematic
(I found myself having to write a full blown vt emulator).

Also, having a nice structure means that other apps can't find
include files etc (well, erl_driver.h!).

But, I'm struggling to see the point of just making a .pkg file of
/usr/local/erlang when it is so easy to do ./configure etc.

What's your thought Bijian? You have wider experience of the general
computing world than I.


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> Subject: MacOS X Build
> I see from google that someone got Erlang to build on MacOS X 
> but I can't
> seem to find a binary anywhere around. Any pointers?
> Cheers,
> Bijan Parsia.

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