Plan and preparation for R8B-2

Kent Boortz <>
Mon Jul 22 00:02:19 CEST 2002

This is a request for portability patches to be included before the
R8B-2 release. We would like it to build on as many platforms as
possible without the need to download any separate patches.
There will be some other changes before R8B-2 as well.
Note this is *not* R8B-2, it is a snapshot for portability verification

The following patches from this list are part of this snapshot
(there may be others that was included earlier)

  corrections in "inet_drv.c" from Johan Blom

  fix for erl_interface sort order in erl_compare_ext and bignum decoding
  from Per Bergqvist

  fix for problem with erl_connect from Per Bergqvist

  build corrections with gcc 3.1 under RH7.2 from Per Bergqvist

  emacs mode problems with emacs 21 from Gerd Flaig (and possibly others)

  hipe corrections from Mikael Pettersson

At the moment I can't access clearcase to check but I think the
following patches are also included

  mod_auth.patch and patch-no-crypto patches from Matthias Lang

  changes in mod_cgi from Guillaume Bongenaar

We would like to add the kernel poll support patch from Per Bergqvist
as a configure option, something like "--enable-kernel-poll", but
unfortunately the patch changes old non kernel poll code as well and
we don't have time to verify those changes. I'm sure those changes are
correct but we can't risk introducing new bugs for our commercial

Thank you all for your help improving Erlang/OTP,


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