Erlang killer app?,

Thierry Mallard <>
Sun Jul 21 09:05:34 CEST 2002

On Sat, Jul 20, 2002 at 05:33:46PM -0700, isaac gouy wrote:
> [ Choosing a language ]
> I asked the OpenNMS guys why they chose to develop in
> Java. They didn't have much experience of Java when
> they started but from their C++ perspective "It seemed
> the right tool for the job of writing something easily
> portable with a rapid development time."
> "> Has anyone on the OpenNMS team heard of Erlang?
> Heard of, yes.  Looked at, not really...
> > Was it ever considered as an implementation choice?
> I doubt it"

In my humble opinion, this is a common pattern : often, specially when
it's a "hobby project", the developers thinks first "ok, I like
this language and I want to code with it. Now, what can I do... ? "
and not : "Ok, there's problem here that needs to be solved. What would
be the betters tools (language among others) to solve it ? "

For example -and only an example- I wondered recently why Zope was
written in Python. The answer Jim Fulton gave in an interview was 
" I was a convert to Python by that time. ;) "

Best regards,

Thierry Mallard

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