Erlang killer app?,

isaac gouy <>
Sun Jul 21 02:33:46 CEST 2002

Thank you all for educating me on the things you've
been doing with Erlang. (And for putting up with the
messed up subject line!)

I have a humble and unoriginal suggestion.
Maybe there are projects that you've done which you
could write articles about and educate some more
people about through the computer "comics"?
("Comics"? - everything from Java Report to InfoWeek)

Java Report! Maybe there's an article about
interfacing Java UI with a complex Erlang/OTP system?

Python Journal! ditto

Linux world / Unix world? Maybe they'd be interested
in the yaws/unix clever stuff discussed in Per
Bergqvist's and Klacke's postings?

Of course, the humble suggestion is more Erlang/OTP
advocacy! My apologies to those of you who must have
worked very hard, as strong advocates for Erlang
during the last 10 years. I can just about imagine
what it's taken to get Erlang/OTP to where it is

I asked the OpenNMS guys why they chose to develop in
Java. They didn't have much experience of Java when
they started but from their C++ perspective "It seemed
the right tool for the job of writing something easily
portable with a rapid development time."
"> Has anyone on the OpenNMS team heard of Erlang?
Heard of, yes.  Looked at, not really...
> Was it ever considered as an implementation choice?
I doubt it"

I don't know enough about Erlang/OTP to be sure - but
I would guess that (apart from the UI) Erlang/OTP
would have been ideal for what these guys are doing.
But they didn't know that...

thanks again, Isaac

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