gen_server, gen_tcp question

Eric Merritt <>
Wed Jul 17 16:50:13 CEST 2002


 Thanks, I eventually found it lol. Btw, this is one
of the most readable pieces of erlang code that I have
yet seen. Its also very well documented. I am
extreamly impressed overall, not what it does so much
but in how well its coded. If nothing else it sets a
goal for me to shoot for in my own code. 

--- Kent Boortz <> wrote:
> Eric Merritt <> writes:
> >  Thanks allot this actually clears things up quite
> a
> > bit. I do have one question though, the rshell app
> you
> > mention does not seem to be in my erlang distro
> > (R8-1). Do you have any idea where I could get it
> > from? or do I need to recompile erlang with some
> > options set?
> The application is under construction but can be
> found in the P9
> snapshots
> But I now have been informed that there are better
> ways to handle this
> but unfortunately not in detail. There may be some
> comments about this
> in the "OTP Application Upgrade FAQ" found at
> kent

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