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Eric Merritt <>
Tue Jul 16 22:08:13 CEST 2002

See inline -->
--- Jimmie Houchin <> wrote:
> What is the target developer for any of these said
> web app servers?
> Is the target a webshop which has seperate HTML
> designers and web 
> programming developers? Or are they designed for the
> person/people who 
> can do (is doing) it all?

 I would have to disagree with this logic a bit. Shops
change, either growing or getting smaller. Today you
could have one guy that does it all. Next your or five
years from now you could have a dedicated team of 15
html guys and five coders. I would have to say you
split it into the easiest solution for both. Coders
generally wont have a problems with a simple template
language/tag set so go that route. If things change
down the road you still have it covered.

> If peaceful coexistance between HTML people and
> programmers is a 
> requirement, then Zope is an excellent example, for
> that is a primary 
> goal of Zope. 
The only issue I really have with zope is I dont like
how it mixes html and view logic. Feel free to
disagree with me, but this would seem to make it
harder to distinguise between markup and view logic
especially on a large/complex page. I also dont really
like the idea of extending the existing html standard.
I realize that once it gets out to the browser you end
up with plain html but it still doesnt sit well with

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