Yaws API discussion

Jimmie Houchin <>
Tue Jul 16 21:43:48 CEST 2002

What is the target developer for any of these said web app servers?

Is the target a webshop which has seperate HTML designers and web 
programming developers? Or are they designed for the person/people who 
can do (is doing) it all?

If peaceful coexistance between HTML people and programmers is a 
requirement, then Zope is an excellent example, for that is a primary 
goal of Zope. However if that is not a requirement then Quixote (yet 
another Python web app server) provides an interesting perspective.


Being Python based and its users proficient Python programmers they 
prefer to stay as close to and within Python as much as possible for 
their web app development. Even their templating language PTL's (Python 
Template Language) goal is to be very Pythonic in flavor.

Whether or not their design goals are shared here, it is an interesting 
read to see other perspectives. The authors of this web app server are 
very familiar with Zope and chose this direction for their own development.

Take a look.

Jimmie Houchin

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