Untimely garbage collection

Shawn Pearce <>
Wed Jul 10 07:16:46 CEST 2002

Shawn Pearce <> scrawled:
> I'm having a little trouble abusing Erts.  :-)


> Does anyone who knows more about the Erlang GC and
> Erlang driver development have better suggestions
> than what I currently have?


spawn_opt(Module, Function, ArgumentList, Options):

	{fullsweep_after, Number}
	Here are a few cases when it could be useful to change fullsweep_after.
	Firstly, if you want binaries that are no longer used to be thrown away
	as soon as possible. (Set Number to zero.)

I'll try this and see if that makes things better.


Why do I like Perl?  Because ``in accordance with Unix tradition Perl
gives you enough rope to hang yourself with.''

Why do I dislike Java? Because ``the class ROPE that should contain the
method HANG to do the hanging doesn't exist because there is too much
'security' built into the base language.''

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