Dan Gudmundsson <>
Mon Jul 1 15:11:16 CEST 2002

You should be able to make that work if you use ports 
(?SDL_INIT_NOERLDRIVER) instead of drivers (and some hacking), 
since SDL only handles one window per process I don't think
it will work with the driver.

Now Bjorn/Wings want me remove the port portion of SDL, because it's
to slow, nobody uses it and it would increase wings performance with 1%
:-) by inlining code.


Vlad Dumitrescu writes:
 > Hi again,
 > I think using ESDL & OpenGL from Erlang works very nice - (if in doubt, just 
 > look at Wings :-). However there is a problem related to SDL only using one 
 > native window: you can't have several windows (i.e. applications) with own 
 > windows when using the linked-in driver...
 > One possible solution is to create the option of creating a new ESDL port to 
 > a new instance of sdl_wrapper, every time. Instead of having a registered 
 > 'sdl_server' process, the pid would then be sent as argument to all calls. 
 > This is rather a handful of work, but I am willing to do it, if you think it 
 > is the way.
 > Are there any other apps than Wings using ESDL? If not (or none to be used 
 > at the same time with another), it might continue using the linked-in 
 > driver, so as not to break the code...
 > Does anyone see another solution for this? If there is a simpler one, I 
 > would only be happy! :-)
 > best regards,
 > Vlad

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