Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Mon Jul 1 08:36:28 CEST 2002

Hi again,

I think using ESDL & OpenGL from Erlang works very nice - (if in doubt, just 
look at Wings :-). However there is a problem related to SDL only using one 
native window: you can't have several windows (i.e. applications) with own 
windows when using the linked-in driver...

One possible solution is to create the option of creating a new ESDL port to 
a new instance of sdl_wrapper, every time. Instead of having a registered 
'sdl_server' process, the pid would then be sent as argument to all calls. 
This is rather a handful of work, but I am willing to do it, if you think it 
is the way.

Are there any other apps than Wings using ESDL? If not (or none to be used 
at the same time with another), it might continue using the linked-in 
driver, so as not to break the code...

Does anyone see another solution for this? If there is a simpler one, I 
would only be happy! :-)

best regards,

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